A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a 3-D jumping puzzle game about an inter-dimensional traveling chicken and is a follow-up to the amazing children's story "Why did the chicken cross the road?" THe only key you need to beat the entire game is the Spacebar.

Player Goals: Objective and Game-play
• Rail following platformer.
• The goal is to complete the level by jumping over the gaps and getting to the portal
at the end of the level.
• The miniature goals which are forced are collecting all the eggs on the stage.
• The player will achieve the egg collection goal just by going through the level because the
character is forced to go in the direction of the eggs.

*Disclaimer there are a few jumps in the game in which the timing can be difficult to grasp in those moments just hit the spacebar as fast as you can over and over you'll get it bro

Install instructions

Download the Zip and unzip it then if you are on PC run the file called Interdimensional Chicken

If you are on Mac then download the zip and unzip it. Then you are going to need to allow unauthorized apps through security then you will be able to open the app and play the game. 


Game Build 1.6 Interdimensional Chicken Platformer.app.zip 125 MB
Windows Game Build 1.6 Interdimensional Chicken Platformer.zip 125 MB

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